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Self Storage Tips to Make Your Life Easier

We’ve put together a few useful tips and tricks to make the most of your secure self-storage experience.

Choosing the Right Unit Size

Choosing the correct storage unit size can be difficult, but a little planning ahead of time can help. A storage container that is too large wastes money, while one that is too tiny is inconvenient. Try the following tips to help you determine the best storage unit size for your needs:


  • Make a list of everything you'll be storing, including furniture, appliances, sports equipment, clothing, decor, and electronics.

  • Calculate the size and quantity of boxes you'll need to store your items.

  • Refer to our storage unit size guide with the information you've just listed to help you visualize and understand what will fit in a storage unit.

Consider Access Hours and Availability

Your time is valuable and it’s not always easy to fit a visit to your storage unit into a 9 to 5 schedule. 

Find a storage facility with extended access hours so you can visit your storage unit when it’s convenient for you. 


Preferably, you'll want to select a self storage facility that gives you your own personal access code so that you can come and go when it's most convenient to you.

Packing Away Your Furniture and Personal Possessions

Preparing for your move into your storage unit ahead of time will save you time and space, as well as alleviate some of the worry that comes with keeping your belongings.


  • Before transporting heavy items into your unit, disassemble them. Put all of the parts (screws and smaller objects) in a small container or bag and attach them to the larger parts. 

  • Snap a picture of electronics before you disassemble them so you can correctly set them up later.

  • Use big boxes for light items like blankets, pillows, and towels.

  • Use small boxes to store heavy items like books, kitchenware, and tools.

  • Pack plates and dishes vertically. Be sure to fill in empty spaces with partitions to prevent breaking.

  • Use packing paper or bubble wrap instead of newspaper, which might bleed ink onto your belongings.

  • To make it easier to identify the boxes later, label them on all sides. Include a location in your home where you'd unpack that box.

Packing Your Storage Unit

Storage troubles are often caused by poor storage unit arrangement. People have a habit of tossing things in indiscriminately, paying no mind to accessibility or the necessity to add items later.


  • Items that are frequently accessed should be placed near the front of your self-storage unit. Items that aren't used as often should be stored in the back.

  • Start with the bulkier objects toward the rear and sides of your storage container and work your way forward.

  • Place fragile boxes on top of less fragile, heavier ones.

  • Keep in mind that over-packing boxes can make them heavy and unsafe.

  • Make a walkway in big and mid-sized storage units, so you don't have to remove everything to get to the back.

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